Bulgaria Land 4 Sale

Cottage with Land For Sale in Kavarna, Bulgaria

Location: Bulgaria > Kavarna
65 km from Varna Airport, 27 km from beach

Price: €9,500

Cottage with land in beautiful area, 27 kms from Kavarna resort.

Many people have chosen this village as being the quiet, unspoilt sort of place that isn't too far from the coast. Buy now before more foreign buyers discover it and massively hike prices.

The cottage has 2 entrances, 2 rooms and kitchen, outside WC. Owners have moved away and the place is overgrown. But what space and potential for a get away from it all hideaway. 3/4 acre (3000 m) including big walnut tree and vineyard. If your own land isn't enough for walks, head of to the pine woods only 500 m from the cottage, Mains water and electric. Road to property is across village green, not surfaced but serviceable.

Location and Local Attractions

About Kavarna

Kavarna is one of the relatively large cities on the Black Sea coast. Its port handles passenger and cargo maritime medium-sized vessels. The city is located 48 km from city of Varna and only 12 km from the picturesque Kaliakra cape. Beach north of the town is high and steep while southern part of the city boasts excellent beaches.


Place worth being is the high hill Chirakman which keeps the remains of Roman villas and walls of medieval building and churches. There is also a town museum with interesting exhibits from the history of the city, including an impressive Thracian collection, also a gallery and archaeological museum. Old buildings date back to the reign of the Ottoman Empire, preserving the remains of Greek and Roman times. Cape Kaliakra is just 6 km away where the ancient fortress Tirisis is.

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