Bulgaria Land 4 Sale

Land For Sale in Varna, Bulgaria

Location: Bulgaria > Varna

Price: €8,900

Large green plot few kilometres from a dam lake!
Building plot for sale, in the village of Tsonevo. 

Large enough to accommodate a small villa, and why not a swimming pool, it is located a bit inland, but surely will catch your attention with its low price. Perfect size for a new home - 1230 sqm.

There is no elevation; the land is flat – ideal for planning and building.

Location and Local Attractions
Village of Tsnevo is located 63 kms from Varna International Airport, and 40 kms to the nearest beach resort – Shkorpilovtsi.

It has preserved the natural beauty and the long sandy beaches unspoilt.

Neaby the village, only a kilometer away, is the Tsonevo dam, a great opportunity for all fishing lovers. It is the third biggest dam in Bulgaria, spread on 17 300 000 sq. m. water surface. The river passing through is Luda Kamchia.

 Tsonevo Dam Lake is located in the river Valley of Luda Kamchia River, just about a kilometre from Tsonevo village. It is the third largest dam lake in Bulgaria, situated on water area of 17 300 decars. Its old name is Georgi Traikov Dam Lake. It is disposable with a crystal clear and warm waters, which are used for watering and water-supplying.

The lake is rich in fish - bream, rudd, perch and sheatfish. These conditions assume the development of fishing – economic and dilettantish.

The picturesque bed of the lake and the adjoining well-wooded slopes makes it attractive place for tourism developing. Around the lake there are a bungalows. Private accommodations you can find in the nearest villages Tsonevo and Asparuhovo.

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